Vacant position

Director of Human Resources

Job Category

General management

Hierarchy level


Report to

Chief Executive Officer

Responsible functions

Employee management

Job role and responsibilities

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for the development and day to day execution of the human resource function while managing the strategy and processes related to building and retaining an exceptional team of professionals in Mohocon.

The Director of Human Resources will become an integral and critical part of Mohocon’s commitment to develop socially, environmentally or financially sustainable real estate for all.

Success will be predicated on building and maintaining scores of productivity, work quality and ethics.

The Director of Human Resources’ general responsibilities are to:

  • Strategically and operationally develop, lead, direct, and support the human resources function in their execution of all HR activity, e.g. organizational planning, recruitment, performance management, learning and development, employee participation & communication, health & safety, personal wellbeing, and administration
  • Appoint and dismisses direct reports, subsequently determine staff duties and authority, and oversee all other appointments and dismissals
  • Build a strong, high performance, customer and innovation focused cultural foundation and actively manage the cultural health and development needed for future success of Mohocon
  • Promote ethical and cultural awareness to the workforce through training, development and consultation
  • Develop organizational strategies by identifying and researching human resource issues; contribute information, analysis and recommendations to Mohocon’s strategic direction
  • Manage various human resource plans, procedures, records and tools for all Mohocon personnel (such as records of hires, promotions, transfers, terminations, discipline records, employee performance appraisal records and schedules
  • Take initiative to attract and retain talent, develop employees and leaders and align Mohocon goals and objectives
  • Support the accomplishment of departmental actions (coaching, counselling, career development, disciplinary actions, etc.)
  • Serve as first point of escalation, communicate business developments and organizational changes to subordinates, and address and resolve employee concerns
  • Manage the development, implementation, and compliance of Human Resource policies and procedures and their dissemination through employee handbooks, communications and/or meetings
  • Ensure that proper compliance is followed.

Skills / qualifications

  • A Masters or Bachelor Degree in human resource related discipline (desirable, not a requirement)
  • At least 10 years management experience – preferably of a large-scale, complex engineering and construction company
  • Proven track record of accomplishment in leading the day-to-day human resource function
  • Thorough understanding of the principles of effective change management
  • Results-driven, open-minded, solutions-oriented view and approach to challenges and opportunities - and comfortable in a fast-paced environment with competing priorities
  • Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities and guiding people
  • Excellent people and interpersonal skills
  • Solid IT / digital technical skills
  • Superior English writing and speaking skills
  • Fully versed in human resource software
  • Computer literacy in MS Office, especially MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word
  • Committed to the overall vision, mission, goals and objectives of Mohocon.
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