Frames for life

A good home is a cornerstone in life – a precondition for your ability to unfold yourself. That is why we call it ‘frames for life’.

This is where you can live more sustainably and where personal touch still matters. Even at a better price. Welcome.


Humans with a fresh mind


  • Generations of homebuilders forgot about the environment. The world is looking for answers. Here is one.
  • Incremental fixes are not enough to address the problems of an industry so vital to our social fabric and to the environment.
  • Transformation requires the best resource available – our mindset.
  • You know, things become real only if everyone believes in them. Belief becomes a technology that creates change.
  • It’s about hearts and minds. And yes, we can… We will. Hack the property market towards a better place for you and me.


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YIP Structural Engineering

The pros we have teamed up with to develop the best solution.