Imagine a time when

All people feel safe and fulfilled

Mohocon was founded to be both humane and excellent

Because we must connect heart and mind to achieve great things

... such as

Making homes more accessible to everyone

As a matter of fact

Adequate housing is a human right

Which is why we wrap our heart and brain around how

Everyone should live in harmony, justice and dignity

    About us

    We build buildings

    to address underserved segments and inspire constructors to innovate
    Why we go to work

    Improve people’s lives through housing

    What we work on every day

    We build affordable homes

    The future we envision

    A time where we all live in harmony and dignity

    United we stand

    As a firm we are proud to be united by our promises. Our core promises is a product of our motivations, hopes and passions and give an insight into what drives our key decisions at work.


    Proud to partner

    We can do more useful work when joining hands with others. If we are in sync, we can all excel by doing what we do best to the benefit of the communities we build.

    Build by and for people

    Actually, there is a you in us

    Our assignments means we will need more people to join our mission - more hands, brains and hearts. We cannot conduct what we are meant to do without you. Interested?

    About our name

    /MɒˈHƏƱ KƏN/


    What it sounds like
    What it means